New Era Apostleship Restitution

We exist “To galvanize in this new era, God’s next kingdom leaders to give God a voice, influence, a vote, access and seat at the tables of the world.”
~ Dr. Paula Price

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N.E.A.R.’s Goal is to create a kingdom society that operates as one. We believe where unity is, God commands the blessing. This is why our emphasis is unity through uniformity. We are simply one.  

All Things In Common is a Kingdom collaborative embassy that unites God’s new era ministries, visions and ventures, businesses and professionals in powerful productive, and profitable ways that are mutually beneficial to all involved.  N.E.A.R. offers apostleship covering, counsel, collaboration, and coaching to coax you and your organization to its richest potential.

It was officially founded in 2009 as a Corp Sole under the chief apostleship of its founder Dr. Paula Price. It is organized to help its members connect to collaborate and contribute to kingdom advancement as a society of like-minded individuals seeking to make change in the world. N.E.A.R wants all of its members to find their place, partner with others, and work unitedly to build the kingdom one church, ministry, organization, and venture at a time.

About N.E.A.R.

3G Apostleship

Guarding Governing Guiding this is N.E.A.R.’s kingdom model for the 21st century.

It distinctively brands our objectives and methods for making world impact as a collective. Apostles and Prophets foremost are guardians. God has used these mantles  throughout the ages to protect, preserve and prosper His people. As such our leaders and ministers guard the lives, souls and possessions of those in our community under our covering. 

To do this well, we must govern as established by 1 Corinthians 12:28. We operate as both kings and priest by keeping God’s people under the laws of Life in Christ Jesus. Our aim is to change the quality of life and its conditions in the nations. We make this mission perpetual by raising up the next generations. It our job to guide the decisions, actions and outcomes of the generation we leave to finish our work. We must educate, train, equip and arm them for what they must face and ensure they can take the lead.

Guarding the Ecclesia 

We guard the ecclesia by establishing strong apostolic prophetic churches that are scripturally organic and culturally unmodified. We provide organizational training, education, and operational structure resources. 

Governing the Kingdom 

We govern the Kingdom through global ambassadorship that works with national organizations to bring change around the world. We give God a voice, influence, vote, access, and seat at the tables of the world. We unify with organizations around the world to be of service to the King.

Guiding the Generations

We guide the generations by offering degreed and specialized training to equip and prepare God’s future staff to take the lead in both kingdom and world affairs through Price University.

N.E.A.R. Member Provisions & Divisions


  • Access to exclusive online portal
  • Annual Member Convention
  • Annual Apostolic Collaborative Event
  • Access to Resources and Support Services

Membership Types

  • Churches
  • Ministries
  • Business
  • Non-Profit Organizations


  • Spiritual Covering
  • Ministry Support
  • Training and Education
  • Credentialing and Certification
  • Events


Must be:

  • A leader of your own organization
  • Apostolic, Prophetic or Five Fold
  • Capable of Participating in Events

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It’s That Time Again!

3D Colloquium is Back

This event is designed to help leaders shift their churches, ministries and organizations back to the biblical foundation of the apostle and prophet. A colloquium is a condensed training academy dedicated to equipping professionals in specialized subjects.

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Our Team

N.E.A.R. Council Members

Dr. Paula Price

Chief Apostle | Oversight

Apostle Steven Holt

Vice Apostle | Minister of Finance

Apostle Ashleigh Claytor

Executive Adjutant | Executive Administration

Apostle Sally Chaney

Secretary | Administration

Chief Prophet Tala Price

Operations Manager | Management and Prophetic Governance

Prophet Angela Powers

Assistant Chief Prophet | Prophetic Governance

Minister James Wright

N.E.A.R. Consultant | Business and Security Consultant

Elder Dellaresa Woodert

N.E.A.R. Membership Administrator